The Ruler of Trails.



MTU 4R 1000 / OM934
MTU 4R 1000 / OM934


231 PS @ 2,200 rpm
170 kW @ 2,200 rpm


700 ft-lb @ 1,200-1,600 rpm
950 Nm @ 1,200-1,600 rpm

Your Benefits

Nimble and Maneuverable

Nimble and Maneuverable

The most compact groomer in the line-up, the Husky can get around with ease in tight spaces, while still having the power in the most rugged winter conditions.

More Trail, Less Time

More Trail, Less Time

With a maximum speed of up to 14.9mph (24km/h), and configurations to fit a variety of trails, operators can groom more miles of trails in fewer hours.

Perfect Tracks for Happy Skiers

Perfect Tracks for Happy Skiers

Specifically designed features together with track setting technology and its compact design make Husky the best choice for preparing cross-country trails.


Leader of the Pack
The Husky Trail Groomer is exactly what the snowmobile rider wished all clubs used on their trails. The Husky is faster, more agile, and makes a better finish than any other trail grooming vehicle.

For the operator, the Husky is comfortable, powerful, and quiet. It can pull either a tiller or drag up, down, and all around the steepest, longest, or narrowest of trails. Specifically for drag operation, four hydraulic circuits allow the operation of all functions at the same time.

Additionally, each trail groomer contains a brush guard that protects the cabin from branches and an optional additional fuel tank for the late nights out on the trails.

Skating Finish
The Husky with Nordic Liner guarantees perfect finishes for fantastic cross-country skiing experiences.

For skate skiers the Skating finisher has a smaller profile than an alpine finisher, which produces a finer, narrower corduroy finish – ideal for a smooth skating glide.

Classic Tracks
For the classic style, the Nordic Liner prepares precise, long lasting tracks that meet the highest standards – whether for Olympic and World Cup competitions, or a fun ski with friends.

Two track setting plates and the track tillers can be used independently. They adjust position and surface pressure depending on the requirements and conditions of the trail. This ensures efficient operation and can help reduce fuel consumption. Both the track-setting places and the track tillers follow the vehicle at the same time, guaranteeing a perfect track even on winding routes.

The transport cabin can be used to transport people or materials. For passengers, the panoramic windows enable all-around views and up to nine people with skis or snowboards can be transported. Seatbelts for each passenger, a sound system and optional leather seats, heating and air conditioning ensure safe and comfortable.

The X-package includes double the range of motion of the blade and greatly increased range of the tiller. LED lights, inclinometers on both the vehicle and blade, distance measurement tool, and rearview camera are also standard on Husky X machines. These components help operators build and maintain park and funline features.


Custom Interface
The customizable Prinoth Control Unit is convenient and practical. Each operator can tailor the user interface with their preferred shortcuts and vehicle settings. This means that each time they’re in the operator’s seat, their relevant settings are saved with the RFID key – making the start-up process faster.

Single Touch
The 12” tilting touchscreen makes everything easy to see at night or during the day. The rearview camera display can be changed to large or small on the screen. And most important, vital details about the machine such as quick access pages, engine, and tilleror drag are always visible.

Prinoth Control Unit

Precise Control & Comfortable Operation
The improved “joystick-in-joystick” design provides precise blade and tiller control and allows simultaneous blade movement. The ergonomic joystick and hand rest enable hours of smooth, comfortable operation. The fast reaction time of the joystick makes it easy for operators to feel the blade in action, which increases accuracy and operator comfort.

A Husky with Nordic Liner prepares precise, long lasting tracks. Two or four track setting plates and the track tillers can be used independently. They adjust position and surface pressure depending on the requirements and condition of the trail. The skating finisher produces a narrow corduroy for a smooth skating glide.

Husky Tiller
PRINOTH tilling technology is known for delivering the best slopes and cross-country trails in the industry. The proven Husky tiller has one cutter bar and is available in four different widths. Interlaced teeth improve snow processing and enable long-lasting results in a variety of snow conditions.

Husky Power Tillerr
The Husky Power Tiller creates a deep, fine-grained layer of snow for sensational slope and trail quality that lasts. Specially arranged tiller teeth transform the snowpack into an even layer and the side wings adapt easily to a variety of surfaces. It features two separate cutter bars with a flex joint between them. It can also be used in flat, A- or V-shape lock, making it easier to create small park features with less snow.

Continuous Adjustment
The mode selection can be done with the tiller raised, and up/down pressure can be continuously adjusted to ensure the perfect finish regardless of snow type.

Perfect Finishes

The Husky comes with an MTU in line 4-cylinder common rail injection engine that delivers 231 hp/170kW at a maximum torque of /950 Nm. An exhaust treatment system with SCR catalytic converter, EGR and diesel particulate filter significantly reduces emissions.

In addition to diesel, it can also run on HVO, GTL or BTL without any modifications needed to the engine. This means ski resorts can stick with standard diesel or explore alternative fuels to help minimize C02 yet further.

Clean & Powerful

The quiet, spacious cabin makes long shifts in the machine easy and enjoyable. The ergonomic design creates a comfortable home base for the operator and leaves room to bring a passenger.

Cabin Comfort

Assemble the machine based on track type, blade, tiller and even steering mechanism, meaning you can decide between sticks or a steering wheel. The Husky can fit needs ranging from cross-country ski trails to alpine slopes; snowmobile trails to indoor ski areas, or even transporting people and materials.

Versatile Configurations

There are three blade options for the Husky. Each blade employs the familiar 12-way movement for snow distribution and the lifting capacity can be helpful for transporting equipment. All blades can be operated in the optional floating position, where the blade automatically follows the course of the terrain and its irregularities. This allows operators to utilize soft blading techniques during trail and slope preparation, ideal for low snow conditions.

Husky Standard Blade: Small or Large
Choose your size based on tiller and track configurations. The blade, via connection to the push frame, has a turning radius of more than 50 degrees, making the machine easy to maneuver and effective in small spaces.

Master Blade
The largest blade has high strength forged teeth and a special curved interior profile, which allows continuous rolling of the snow in the blade. This blade can also have the Ice Ripper functionality built into the bottom. Mounted to the rear of the blade, the teeth on the Ice Ripper scratch the snow surface at a depth of 2.5 cm. This assists the operator by preprocessing a hard snow surface prior to the tracks and tiller, helping produce a perfect finish in the toughest conditions.

Blade Options

Technical data

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  • Engine

    MTU 4R 1000 / OM934
    MTU 4R 1000 / OM934
  • Power

    231 PS @ 2,200 rpm
    170 kW @ 2,200 rpm
  • Torque

    700 ft-lb @ 1,200-1,600 rpm
    950 Nm @ 1,200-1,600 rpm
  • Cylinder and Displacement

    in line 4 cylinder, direct injection 5.1L, Common Rail
    in line 4 cylinder, direct injection 5.1L, Common Rail
  • Emission standard

    Euromot Stage V / EPA Tier 4 Final
    Euromot Stage V / EPA Tier 4 Final
  • Track working width

    8'2" / 9'2" / 10'2" / 11'2"
    2.5 / 2.8 / 3.1 / 3.4 m
  • Vehicle length (without blade/tiller)

    4,065 mm
  • Total length with attachments

    23'9" / 22'4"
    7,250 mm / 6,810 mm
  • Total length with attachments and Nordic Liner

    8,630 mm
  • Blade width with side wings open

    Standard: 10'8" / 11'11"
    Master: 12'8"
    Standard: 3,250 mm / 3,650 mm
    Master: 3,875 mm
  • Blade width with side wings closed

    Standard: 8'11" / 9'10"
    Master: 10'7"
    Standard: 2,720 mm / 3,000 mm
    Master: 3,220 mm
  • Tiller with side wings raised

    V2.3: 10'1"
    V2.5: 11"
    V2.8: 11'7"
    V3.1: 12'8"
    Powertiller: 14'7"
    V2.3: 3,075 mm
    V2.5: 3,345 mm
    V2.8: 3,530 mm
    V3.1: 3,880 mm
    Powertiller: 4,440 mm
  • Tiller with side wings lowered

    V2.3: 13'5"
    V2.5: 14'4"
    V2.8: 14'11"
    V3.1: 16'1"
    Powertiller: 16'11"
    V2.3: 4,095 mm
    V2.5: 4,365 mm
    V2.8: 4,550 mm
    V3.1: 4,900 mm
    Powertiller: 5,155 mm
  • Tank capacity

    66 gal* / 33 gal (* with additional fuel tank)
    275 L* / 150 L (* with additional fuel tank)
  • Fuel Types

    Diesel, HVO, GTL and BTL (According to the norms ASTM D975, EN590, EN15940)
    Diesel, HVO, GTL and BTL (According to the norms ASTM D975, EN590, EN15940)
  • AdBlue®/DEF capacity

    8.8 gal
    40 L
  • Weight with tracks, blade, tiller

    from 12,340 lb
    from 5,597 kg


All of our snow groomers are geared towards practical everyday needs, and, because of their customized configuration, the most varied of requirements can be met. In order to supply the most suitable model for your requirements, we offer a wide range of additional devices.

Find all available attachments here.

Open Steel Tracks

Open Steel Tracks

The open-profile is idea for fresh and powder snow, and can be used on roads or fields. The overlapping lock simplifies handling and makes them easy to service.

Nordic Liner Basic

Nordic Liner Basic

2 or 4 track setting plates which set long-lasting tracks that meet the highest Olympic standards. Track pans and track tillers can be used independently.

Husky Transport Cabin

Husky Transport Cabin

Comfortable and convenient, this luxury cabin with its panoramic windows can transport up to nine people with skis or snowboards.

Nordic Liner Move

Nordic Liner Move

1 fixed setting plate and 1 movable plate that can be adjusted laterally up to 2 ½ feet (750 mm) to produce precise classic tracks that last.

Husky Blades

Husky Blades

The 3 blade options for the Husky have each been developed to help you create the perfect pass on trails or slopes.

Husky Tillers

Husky Tillers

Available in five width that correspond to the track and blade configurations. Interlaced tiller teeth improve efficiency and enable long-lasting results.

All-Season Tracks

All-Season Tracks

Rubber tracks protect the ground and are ideal for low or no snow conditions including roads, fields, or asphalt.

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