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Learn how best to look after and maintain your snow groomers so they’re always running at their maximum performance.

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Well trained technicians know how to work best with the vehicles leading to longer-lasting machines, reduced downtime and less repairs.

Extend the lifespan

Extend the lifespan

Proper maintenance and repairs by trained technicians can result in a longer lifespan for the equipment, reducing the need for frequent replacements helping maximize the investment.

Improved performance

Improved performance

Skilled technicians can perform maintenance and repairs more effectively, ensuring that the equipment operates at peak performance, leading to increased productivity in your resort.

Available courses for technicians 2024

The following courses will take place in Sterzing, Italy in 2024. For further information and registration please use the contact form below.

Leitwolf (1)18.-19.09.2024German
Leitwolf (2)25.-26.09.2024German
Leitwolf (3)02.-03.10.2024German
Leitwolf (4)07.-08.10.2024German
Leitwolf (5)09.-10.10.2024German
Leitwolf (6)14.-15.10.2024German
Leitwolf LT16.-17.10.2024Italian
Husky HK (1)23.-24.10.2024German
Husky HK (2)28.-29.10.2024German
Husky HK30.-31.10.2024Italian
Bison BO04.-05.11.2024German
Bison BO06.-07.11.2024Italian


Complete the theory all online then join onsite trainings with our experienced staff. This link takes you to our online platform. Simply create an account, select a course, make the payment and you’re good to go.

Online courses

The Prinoth Academy 3-Level Training System

Our three level system takes the participant step by step through the training material. There is a test at the end of each level in to qualify for the next. Participants receive an official certificate at the end of their course.

⯁ Basic

Perfect for beginners. Gain the necessary basic knowledge of our specialist technology to carry out servicing and carrying out common maintenance tasks.

⯁⯁ Advanced

Improve your ability in areas such as electrical and electronic systems.

⯁⯁⯁ Expert

Become a professional in vehicle maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting. Here we take it one step further to teach you all the tips and tricks we’ve learned over all our years of producing and working with snow groomers.


We appreciate your interest in our courses, and we’re committed to addressing your request promptly. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. For further information you can download our factsheets.

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